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Let's Tell A Story

The primary purpose of our work here at P3 is to create original work, be it bad or good, for the sake of telling stories, giving people or issues a voice, and developing how a story should be told visually.

Here, we get to flex our own creative muscle. We are in contact with and open to discovering the amazing overlooked talent Austin has to offer who are interested in doing the same. We already have several projects in the can, and are currently ramping up to do more, so there is never a bad time to reach out.


If you are someone with a skill set that would like to participate in any of our future projects, or feel you have a project we might be interested in, please feel free to reach out and introduce yourself!

Philly Puddy Productions (P3) is a division of Philly Puddy Designs which focuses on independent film, documentaries, and music video production. P3 is also available for large-scale independent commercial work, interviews, and editing work.