A Bad Day For Company (2018) - Truancy? Pot Smoking? Child Protective Services? Just another day in a dysfunctional Texas family suburb.

The Jury (2018) - A short horror/suspense movie about two girls kidnapped during the day to face the trial of their lives.

Human Resources (2017) - A short thriller concerning a man who was fired from his job at a teen center, and comes back for revenge. Starring Marco Perella.

The Real Life Crisis of Sydney (2016) - A surreal coming of age comedy about a girl who is torn between becoming a woman and being herself.

Into Day Enters The Dark (2015) - A short horror thriller about a home invasion and dark forces at work between friends.

Behind The Nose (2015) - A feature mockumentary about a troop of clowns who lose their circus. Created by Team Teamwork with post production by P3.

Extra Credit From Hell (2015) - A short comedy horror movie about 7 kids who summon Satan while creating a project for extra credit.

The Higher Cost of Surviving (2014) - A feature documentary about the health care system from the view of professionals, patients, and average citizens.

Bromance On Film (Curse Of Bigfoot S2Ep007) - a monthly comedy web series where two guys make fun of really bad movies.