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Independent Film Production

Here are the projects we have written, filmed, produced, or a combination of all of these elements.

Web Series

Bromance On Film - "Scream" - webisode (movie riffing/comedy)

To learn more about Bromance On Film and the production, please visit the Bomance On Film mini site.

But in the meantime, please enjoy the latest episode of Bromance On Film with the movie "Scream", which you will soon notice is NOT the good one.

This series can also be found on YouTube in it's entirety.


human resources - short film (thriller/suspense)

We asked the kids in the teen advanced acting class in Austin, TX, what they would like to do, and this is the rough storyline they came up with. The elements they wanted were "blood", "serious", and "something they could be bad in". After penning the script in a week, this is what I came up with.

"human resources" is a short film about a doctor who loses his job due to his drinking at juvenile reintegration unit, and later comes back for revenge. This short stars our own Philip C Lee as well as Marco Perella of "Boyhood" fame.

Written and directed by Philip C. Lee.

The Real Life Crisis of Sydney - short film (coming of age comedy)

This is a short film made for a teen advanced acting class in Austin, TX. This is a surreal coming of age comedy where imaginary characters contain substance, and non-imaginary characters are quirky enough to be caricatures of every day human beings.

Welcome to the world of Sydney.

Sydney is a teenager who wants to become a woman overnight. Caught in a battle between her Imagination and her Conscience, Sydney learns that adulthood is a process...and growing up is optional.

Featuring Emma Russell in her first starring role, and written and directed by Philip C. Lee, it is currently being submitted to film festivals.

Into Day Enters The Dark - short film (thriller/horror)

This is a short film made for a teen advanced acting class in Austin, TX. Some friends decided to get together one afternoon for brownies and conversation. One of them shows up with a strange girl in a hoodie...And two masked individuals have followed them to the house. Written and directed by Philip C. Lee, and was accepted at many film festivals.

Extra Credit From Hell - short film (comedy/horror)

This is a short film made for a teen advanced acting class in Austin, TX. 7 high school kids who openly despise one another have to do a group project for chemistry in order not to fail the class. While setting up the experiment, they unknowingly summon Satan. A comedy-horror short film with all the flavor of an 80's B horror movie with modern annoyances. This film was a selected short at the Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville, KY.

Incident At Haunted Trail - short film (comedy)

This is a short film made for a teen acting camp in Austin, TX. It was shot, edited, and viewed within 48 hours. Written by Philip C Lee and assisted on camera by Kadie Spinks, this story is about a college student who gets what she thinks will be an easy summer job working as a Haunted Trail Tour Guide...However, the 4 individuals she meets makes her wish she had never filled out the application.

Behind The Nose - feature comedy

This is a mockumentary about a troop of clowns who lose their circus, and then struggle to remain relevant. It was created in conjunction with Behind The Nose Productions and Team Teamwork. P3 did all of the post-production work on the film including editing, and Phil even stepped into the role of Hal; a drunken, alcoholic clown who used to be a serious Shakespearean actor. This film has been submitted to several film festivals where it has been nominated for "Best Comedy" in each of them as well as taking the prize of "Best Comedy" and "Best Male Actor" at the Austin Revolution Film Festival.

The Higher Cost Of Surviving - feature documentary

4 years in the making, this documentary focuses on the health care system, taking the human approach rather than the provactive. It has been created as a piece to stimulate compromising dialogue concerning the issue health care issue by eliminating politics and ideology from the discussion. It examines the health care system from the perspectives of professionals, patients, and average citizens. it centers around 8 strangers from different backgrounds who were asked to discuss their concerns with health care in a group setting without bringing politics or ideology into the conversation.