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The Crew

Philip C Lee

Director / Editor / Cinematographer / Sound Design / Screenwriter / Actor
Philip Lee, the insane one

Phil has directed and edited a number of music videos, documentaries, short films, as well as live stage productions.

Phil attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and ITT Technical Institute's Multimedia Design program. He has been involved in the Visual Arts since 1999, a certified editor since 2005, and a director of film since 2007.

David Matthew Collins:

Producer / Cinematographer
David Collins, the level-headed one

David's years of professional training in photography made him a natural for screening the shot for it's maximum potential.

Dave started his career back in 2002. He attended Texas State University in San Marcos.


There are more than two of us, but we are the one's who started this. We partner with many people within the film industry. To keep costs down for commerical or industrial project, we work with only an essential crew as both Phil and Dave are capable of wearing many different hats at the same time.

Philly Puddy Productions (P3) is a division of Philly Puddy Designs which focuses on independent film, documentaries, commercial, and music video production. P3 is also available for large-scale independent work needing a crew, interviews, and editing work.